Wait List Manager

The Challenge

With populations aging and chronic disease levels on the rise, healthcare systems are strained. One of the byproducts of strained healthcare systems is patient wait lists. Unfortunately, wait lists are a necessary evil in today’s intricate healthcare environment. Wait lists are often manual and fail to show the whole picture as it relates to a particular patient or an entire service providing organization. Managing wait lists manually makes it nearly impossible to accurately prioritize patients and provide patients with equal and fair access to services.

Manual wait lists do not update automatically and cannot provide organizational or individualized information in real time. Managers, clinicians, and patients are unable to access the information they need as it relates to the services being provided.

Unique Wait List Records

Wait list efficiencies for administrators, providers, and patients are now possible. Eceptionist’s Wait List Manager creates a unique record for each service a patient needs. This record supports and allows the management of the patient wait process across your organization. It provides information including, but not limited to, a unique Wait List ID, full patient name, service request date, preferred service site, service, priority, deferred status, and wait list suspension periods. Wait List Manager prevents duplicate entries and errors and eliminates the need to tediously consolidate different wait lists made in different programs by different healthcare providers.

Flexible and Powerful Reporting

Wait List Manager’s reports give you full control over the creation of wait list and wait time reports to suit your specific needs. The content, timing, frequency, format, and even the method of distributing the reports can all be easily managed and customized. Flexible reporting makes it easy to meet compliance and accounting goals.

Single Access Point

Wait List Manager offers a single access point for service managers, providers, and those in the healthcare community to manage, coordinate, and report on multiple waitlists across multiple service areas and sites. Wait List Manager works with Eceptionist’s other modules to ensure seamless workflow from the point of the referral, to the wait list, to the actual appointment.

Delivering Results

With Wait List Manager, organizations can deliver relevant information across the entire enterprise while fulfilling a variety of reporting needs. The web-based platform prioritizes patients to ensure that those with the greatest need are seen first. Instant access to critical data every hour of every day raises the level of patient care and satisfaction while providing information necessary for day-to-day operations and long-term planning purposes.