Triage and E-Referral Manager

The Challenge

Referrals play an integral part in the workflows of healthcare today, yet the process continues to be inefficient for medical staff and often perilous for patients. Patients are still hand carrying referrals on paper between facilities because the facilities don’t interoperate or support electronic referrals. Patient outcomes are further effected by misdirected referrals, long wait times for specialists, the complications of transferring PHI between physicians and the difficulties of instituting seamless transitions of care.

Additionally, health care organizations face lost revenue through leakage when referrals are made outside their network and increased expenses when patients aren’t referred to the most appropriate facility or specialist.

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The Eceptionist Solution

Intelligent Referrals and Improved Resource Management

Educated and intelligent referrals for improved patient care and cost savings is made possible using Eceptionist’s Triage and E-Referral Manager.

The Triage and E-Referral Manager is a cutting edge tool that organizations can use across multiple enterprises to better control access as well as optimize and efficiently triage and manage patients. Triage and E-Referral Manager can easily be implemented to support the referral and request of services into, within, and out of facilities, thereby getting patients to the right resources quicker. Eceptionist’s Triage and E-Referral Manager is used by organizations for many purposes including:

  • specialty referrals
  • second opinion
  • e-consults
  • resource matching
  • discharge planning

The referral process is easy and administratively streamlined for individual clinicians and healthcare organizations on both the requesting and receiving ends of all types of referrals and service requests. The platform can be configured by the organization at the referral and care plan level based on the referral type, priority and specialty amongst other variables.  Associating referral pathways with communication and triggered guidance removes guesswork from the referral process and ensures compliance with appropriate forms, guidelines, and procedures.  In the event that an incomplete referral is received, Eceptionist offers many options to seamlessly go back to the referring provider and get the required information.

Improve Efficiency With Fast And Easy Electronic Referrals

Streamlined Information Transfer

Effective referrals generally require the sharing of patient medical records. Eceptionist’s Triage and E-Referral Manager facilitates the transmission of electronic medical information in conjunction with the referral documentation. E-Referrals are automated, simplified, and distributed to all available resources and specialists involved with the patient’s circumstances. The solution is completely Internet-based, and referrals can be accessed every hour of every day.

Improved Patient Care

Healthcare agencies constantly strive to provide the most effective care for their patients, both directly and indirectly, through referrals to specialists and other resources. Triage and E-Referral Manager eases the patient’s journey through the healthcare maze. Triage and E-Referral Manager can be configured to support direct referrals (i.e., referral from physician A to service provider B), pooled referrals (i.e., referral from physician A to a group of service providers), or both, giving service providers the ability to accept or refuse patients based on their suitability and availability. All service providers with appropriate access and permission can view the complete patient and referral record at any point in the process to evaluate and provide feedback.

Delivering Results

  • Improve Efficiency with a fast and easy electronic referrals
  • Increase visibility and utilization of resources
  • Reduce leakage and increase revenue
  • Increase communication across disciplines, preventing repetitive and unnecessary tests
  • Initiate referrals in a third party system, fax or email and manage all those referrals in one central location
  • Allow patients to self-refer and monitor the status of their referrals and service requests
  • Supports multiple referral models where referrals can be centrally triaged, automatically assigned to a specialist based on distance calculation, wait times or other quality measures; or manually assigned based on GP or patient preference.
  • Electronically transfer documents, tests, lab results and other PHI using secure HIPAA compliant technology

Triage and E-Referral Manager works seamlessly with Eceptionist’s Enterprise Schedule Manager, Wait List Manager, and Telehealth Manager modules enabling Eceptionist users to easily book patients for future appointments, schedule patient cases to discussed in a Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) meeting, assign patients to care plans, or assign patients to wait lists. Patients can instantly be prioritized based on the severity of their condition.