Telehealth Manager

The Challenge

In a just world, your location should not determine your quality of healthcare. Sadly, that is exactly what happens. Living in rural areas or small towns means forgoing the advantages of state-of-the-art facilities and easy access to teaching hospitals and treatment centers.

Even those close to specialists and abundant facilities must frequently deal with inefficient referrals and long wait times.

Remote Consultations

Universal access to quality healthcare is now possible with Eceptionist’s Telehealth Manager. This web-based platform allows scattered multi-disciplinary teams provide meaningful healthcare to people anywhere in the world. The benefits of Telehealth Manager can be realized in two ways:

  1. virtually in real time through tele-consults, home consults, and appointments that take place between multiple facilities (sometimes crossing time zones and countries)
  2. “Store and Forward” or second opinion type services where providers create and distribute patient information to other healthcare professionals without having to coordinate the schedules of the patient or the medical providers.

Virtual Meeting of the Minds

The best medical opinions and care are no longer limited by geography. Physicians from anywhere in the world can participate in medical proceedings virtually. Eceptionist’s Telehealth Manager platform gives organizations the ability to easily manage, organize, coordinate, and schedule all of the resources required for collaborative healthcare events.

  • Manage all of the information required for these collaborative events including patient information.
  • Scheduling tools for managing all consult resources including the Sites, Rooms, Codec’s, Equipment, Physicians, bridge ports, gateway ports, and bandwidth.
  • Supports multiple zones.

“Store and Forward” at your Convenience

Healthcare organizations can offer specialist and second opinion services without the hassle of having to coordinate schedules using Eceptionist’s Telehealth Manager “Store and Forward” capabilities.

  • Create detailed electronic patient and case records including images, lab reports, X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs, and distribute them to other healthcare professionals for review at their convenience.
  • Set up and define secure referral patterns, thereby maximizing resources and minimizing costs.
  • Increase the number of patients that can be seen as well as increase the speed with which patients are diagnosed and treated.
  • Improved specialist productivity
  • Increase the number of cases on which specialists consult, increase the number of higher margin specialty cases, and ultimately increase revenues.

Continuing Medical Education and Multi-disciplinary Team Meetings Have Never Been Easier

Managing virtual meetings and multi-disciplinary team meetings is simplified with Eceptionist’s Telehealth Manager. The solution can additionally be used to manage and schedule resources required in virtual conferences, educational sessions, training events, and grand rounds.

Delivering Results

Eceptionist’s Telehealth Manager provides a single access point for all telemedicine, telehealth and teleconference needs. Healthcare organizations will greatly reduce wasted time juggling schedules and collecting the “right” information, increasing both accuracy and efficiency. Providing improved patient care will become the new standard.

Microsoft® Exchange Server Integration

Eceptionist’s Telehealth Manager includes an interface to Microsoft® Exchange Server. This interface gives organizations the ability to seamlessly manage its portfolio of rooms and resources between Eceptionist and Microsoft® Exchange Server.