The Eceptionist family of products is designed to give administrators, healthcare managers and clinicians the framework to comprehensively meet all healthcare managing challenges. In use around the world, the platform can be implemented to support one or multiple activities and services across an enterprise or a group of enterprises.

Provides the necessary tools to efficiently collect, manage and disperse organ donor information to those physicians and hospitals who have patients waiting for organs.

The five Eceptionist modules can be implemented individually, in groups, or all together for seamless healthcare management. The platform can operate as a standalone system or integrate with third party systems. Eceptionist supports everything from a single facility or department to national health systems covering multiple regions and/or countries.

The Eceptionist family of products is supported by Eceptionist’s administrative tools. These tools enhance the end user experience and give administrators and healthcare managers the ability to put structure, information and data requirements around the different healthcare processes managed within Eceptionist.