Organ Case Manager

The Challenge

The success rates of organ transplants have significantly improved over the years, but shortages in the supply of available organs still exist. Since many people who need transplants are required to wait a significant length of time, each donor organ is precious. Successful organ recoveries and transplants are completely dependent on the accuracy of the information about the organ donor, immediate identification of a recipient match, and expeditious surgery.

Any inaccuracy may waste an organ and devastate a patient and family. System inefficiencies are damaging to the entire organ donation program as individuals are less likely to become organ donors if they do not feel that their gift will be used competently.

Transplant Effectiveness

Eceptionist’s Organ Case Manager provides the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently manage all of the organ donor information, including the organ specific information, to allow the highest transplant success rate possible. The automated process offered by Organ Case Manager delivers a broad spectrum of benefits to the large number of people involved in a single transplant. Vital organs may be recovered and transported thousands of miles to a transplant center with a waiting recipient. Organ Case Manager streamlines the process and allows secure, encrypted access every hour of every day.

The Difference is in the Details

High quality donor information increases the likelihood of successful organ matching. Organ Case Manager builds an electronic, medically comprehensive donor record and allows attachment of supplemental files such as scans, MRIs, electronic faxes, and X-rays. Permissions may be enabled for access to these records to ensure convenience while providing security. Information may be communicated according to user preference options like SMS, email, and fax.

Delivering Results

Because each piece of information can mean the difference between life and death, clinicians must be able to depend on a solution that successfully manages and organizes complex organ donor information into a record that is easily accessible online 24/7. Eceptionist’s Organ Case Manager is this solution.

Organ Case Manager is also the single point where organizations can coordinate the complicated logistics of organ donor transplants and manage all the consents that are required in the organ donation process. The organ donor record and report functionality document each step of the process, protecting the organization and patient from mistakes or omissions.