Integration with third party systems

While Eceptionist is an application that can work on a standalone basis, it has been designed to easily interface with other systems and hardware devices. Eceptionist can be integrated with other systems at the database level, the application level, and the embedded system level. Eceptionist offers a set of interfaces to support integration with third party systems. The application supports multiple versions of HL7, web services, TCP/IP, COM API, and other customized interfaces. Eceptionist also supports commonly used integration methods using HL7 interface messages including patient, scheduling, order, referral, and clinical messages.

Most implementations of Eceptionist include some level of integration. Eceptionist supports point to point interfaces as well as those going through an integration engine or a broker. Eceptionist has been integrated with many types of third party systems including EMPI’s, Client Registries, Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Patient Administration Systems (PAS), Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR), ADT systems, Portals, Radiology Information Systems (RIS), PACs Systems, and call center solutions.

Microsoft® Exchange Server Integration

Eceptionist includes an interface to Microsoft® Exchange Server. This interface gives organizations the ability to seamlessly manage its portfolio of rooms and resources between Eceptionist and Microsoft®Exchange Server.