Enterprise Schedule Manager

The Challenge

Providing healthcare entails significant scheduling challenges when considering patients’ and providers’ time. Juggling appointments, tests and procedures, subsequent appointments, beds, admissions, surgeries, equipment assignments, and coordination of collaborative sessions is generally time consuming and inefficient. Currently, scheduling tends to lack coordination between providers with information processed manually or semi-automatically.

Even in those situations where some automation has been accomplished, rarely can information be accessed by anyone outside of the immediate organization. Scheduling processes today do not allow for the interconnection of health advocates nor consider the patient experience, effort duplication, and inefficiencies of the healthcare providers.

Scheduling Efficiency

Streamlined scheduling is now possible. Eceptionist’s Enterprise Schedule Manager supports tactical and strategic scheduling. With Enterprise Schedule Manager, a network of organizations can manage all appointments, tests, procedures, resources, and events using the internet in real time – every hour of every day. All human, physical, and equipment resources can be effectively managed and strategically scheduled.

Enterprise Schedule Manager can be deployed to manage resources centrally, externally, or through a combination of both ensuring maximum control and resource utilization. Successfully run by large and small organizations around the world, Enterprise Schedule Manager is the most sophisticated Web-based scheduling product in the marketplace. With Enterprise Schedule Manager, healthcare organizations have the option to control the entire scheduling process or to permit patients and/or third parties controlled access via the Internet.

Ease of Use

Employing Eceptionist’s Enterprise Schedule Manager, physicians and clinics are able to book appointments, tests, and procedures for their patients with other physicians in the healthcare network. This “any-to-any” booking functionality offers medical professionals and call center specialists improved availability awareness. The resulting knowledge offers patients greater choice and reduced and leveled wait times.

Increased Productivity and Real Time Access

With an automated patient confirmation and reminder system that utilizes email, text messaging, automated call reminders, faxing, and hard copies to confirm appointment details, Eceptionist’s Enterprise Schedule Manager reduces missed and lost appointments. Real time updates and notifications of available resources, equipment, procedures, and facilities are available to all permitted parties.

Delivering Results

Enterprise Schedule Manager simplifies and enhances the management and scheduling of resources, facilities, and equipment while optimizing the use of limited clinician time and costly healthcare facilities.

This increases productivity and utilization rates and allows for agile management of appointment cancellations, enabling more timely patient care. Enterprise Schedule Manager supports multiple facilities, time zones, services, and languages.