Administrative Tools

Eceptionist’s administrative tools

The Eceptionist family of services and tools is supported by Eceptionist’s administrative tools. These tools enhance the end user experience and give administrators and healthcare managers the structure to input information and data requirements around the different healthcare processes managed within Eceptionist.

Some of Eceptionist’s more popular administrative tools include:

  • Care Pathway Management tools that give managers the ability to define and create care plans and pathways for different services that make up the patient journey.
  • On Call Management tools that organizations can use to manage rosters for physicians, nurses, and other on call schedules and reporting.
  • Bed Management tools for managing bed resources and availability.
  • Protocol Management tools that can be used to create, manage, and enforce the different hospital, department, and physician specific data and information protocols in addition to setting and managing service guidelines.
  • Reports Management tools for creating and manipulating information including utilization, referral, appointment, wait-time, DNA, KPI and protocol reports.
  • Intelligent Referral tools for creating and embedding intelligence and guidelines into the referral process and workflow.
  • Action Handler tools for defining the workflow, action, status and routing rules for the different types of referrals, cases and service requests being managed in the system.
  • Network management rules for defining the eligibility rules and providers that are eligible to be scheduled for an appointment or have a referral sent to.